d'Arc Lair

A Walk in Darkness
The Prophecy

Found amidst an abandoned ruin in Ödemark, an ancient scroll tells a riddle which could foretell the return and eternal end to the Necromancer.

“After a century of slumber, the dead king shall rise. His harbinger will be shadow and fury. He will watch from his frozen throne while the world of man devours itself.

“But the child of the watchfire shall gather the light to end the darkness. Across oceans of water and fire shall they trek. At the heart of darkness in ancient town, shall be found the dead king’s soul. Ten on this quest shall there be, as to each month. As the first month is dark, the watchfire shall light the way. The second shall be born of darkness, but walk in the light. The third brings life to the world, while the fourth shall kill to protect that life. The middle flows toward the ends, and at the halls of the dragon dead, shall the heir to the sword finally end the icy evil that knows no death. The ends flow to the middle.”


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