The primary continent uses the Ashan Calendar, which has been in use for over a millennium and a half.

Before that, the old calendar (oc) consisted of 10 months, with each year separated by the “Dead Time”. Though some still use the old calendar, particularly in the harsh northern climes and secluded pockets, its use is rare, and not generally recognized.

The old calendar is most commonly used in present day by those in Ödemark who are in rebellion (either passively or actively) against the “Holy Kingdom of Ödemark”.

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1528 Current year
Celebrations planned to celebrate centennial of lich king’s defeat (Riverland, Ödemark, Knochenflachland, Ersteheim & Meertür). Peace summit also planned to further cement peace between nations.

1526 Erik Guy, newly anointed as Duke of Knochenflachland, breaks with tradition by not appointing a dwarf as his representative on the Council. He instead chooses to represent himself.


1496-98 Orc War. Lasting only two years, it is the shortest on record.

1419-1428 Demon wars. The Skull signs pact with demonic allies in yet another effort to create his empire. Sending his forces south, he briefly conquered Meertür before the allied forces (Riverland, Knochenflachland and Dwarves of Ersteheim), and guerilla forces from Meertür & Ödemark were able to rally. Under the leadership of Sir Garrak, thePaladin leader of Meertür, the unified forces shoved back the demonic horde and reestablished Meertür in 1426. The forces then moved north, retaking Framsteg, then moving on the lich’s keep in Vinterhall. In the end, it was the paladin versus the lich, for the sake of the northern continent.


981-983 The Skull forces siege Framsteg. With the collapse of the city, Ödemark comes completely under the Skull control.

973 the Skull takes Vinterhall, capital of Ödemark, begins reign of tyranny.

965 [mercenary] becomes a lich, launches attacks against his enemies. Becomes commonly known as “the Skull”.

958 Ödemark pushes Meertür forces out, returning borders to pre-928 status, Fortschritt renamed as Framsteg.

928 Meertür invades Ödemark. Walled city of Fortschritt built.



648 As a gesture of peace, the Dwarf kings offer the lands of Knochenflachland to the Council, on one condition. That Sir Charles Guy is made ruler of the land. Sir Charles is anointed First Duke of Knochenflachland. Though a human lord, Sir Charles appoints [X], a dwarf, as his representative on the Council. The precedent is kept by all his heirs until

647 While destroying a smuggling operation, Sir Charles encounters a Githyanki leader who escaped following the battle in the Schranke Halls. In an effort to escape, the Githyanki fled, leaving his mercenaries to stop Sir Charles and his allies. Sir Charles pursued him through the warehouses, finally confronting him in the rafters above. As a last effort to escape, the Gith opened a portal to his homeworld. Before he could enter, Sir Charles caught up, and challenged the Gith general to single combat. Whether ego or honor, the Gith accepted, and was slain. The portal closed with his death.

647 As a gift to Sir Charles and his bride, the Dwarves of Ersteheim provide for the construction of a home and base of operations for “the Hero of Knochenflachland”. A Tower and small keep is built, and the hill it holds is renamed “Raven’s Rook”.

646 Not for the first time, Sir Charles comes to the aid of the Dwarves of Ersteheim in the Schranke mountains, this time helping stop an interplanar invasion of their halls by Githyanki forces. Sir Charles is given an honorary title among the dwarves of Ersteheim.

645 As a boon to Sir Charles, the King of Meertür commits resources to rebuild the old Guy estate, and installs Sir Charles older sister as Baroness of Gisbon. With his mother and sister reinstalled on the family lands, Sir Charles continues to travel the lawless territory known to the Dwarves as Knochenflachland, offering aid where he can.

645 Tracking the plague upon the province to its core, Sir Charles Guy and his allies confront a cabal of necromancers and their mercenaries. The party was too late to fully stop their enemies plans, and was forced to fight a newly created dracolich. Sir Charles was the only one who walked out of the keep.

642 Sir Charles Guy returns to the Gisbon province, sworn to bring law to the territory, and his fathers killers to justice.

641 Treaty of [X] signed, ending the Expansion Wars. The treaty also established the Council, a legal body where all involved nations hold representation. The first duty of the Council is to peacefully establish the national boundaries.

640 At the age of 15, Charles Guy annointed and knighted as a true paladin of Dagda. He is sent south, spending years under the tutelage of Sir Michael “the Rock”.

628 Baron Richard Guy slain, and family driven from their home. The lands become a lawless territory, with the Royal Army of Meertür never able to track down the culprits, or reinstall true order.

627-41 Expansion Wars. The nations of the primary continent wage a series of wars along their borders in efforts to solidify and expand their boundaries.

625 Charles Guy born to Lord Richard Guy, Baron of Gisbon province in Meertür.

621 Meertür and Riverland, among others declare sovereign independence from the Empire. With the expulsion of Imperial agents, these nation anoint their first Kings in over half a millennium. With no heirs remaining from the previous line, the People’s Council of Yáranor elect the Imperial Governor Ashruf Matar, as their new King.

Known as the First Kings of Legend: Richard I (Latvania); Joshua I (Meertür); Eril I (Riverland); Ashruf I (Yáranor).

621 Without an heir, the Ashan Dynasty collapses. While Imperial magistrates and the wealthy play for the throne, the nations seize the vacuum and rise up. Spread thin by the strife, the Imperial army, which is largely comprised of unwilling conscripts is further weakened by desertion.



403 Vinterhall built as villages form a central tribal government in what will be Ödemark.



0.1.1 [5270.11.14oc] official founding of [empire] on continent; beginning of Ashan Dynasty [Toroah Ashan, begin standardized calendar for hemisphere.]

53ba-0 [5217-5270oc] war by nation of [eastern nation on southern continent], 2 generations of Ashan continue Areth’s quest for domination. Under the brilliant strategy of Toroah Ashan, [empire] forces defeated the last resistance at [battle].

-53ba [5217oc] Areth Ashan anointed successor to his father Haret; immediately declares war on his western neighbor.

-63ba [5207oc] Coup places Haret Ashan upon the throne of [eastern nation on southern continent].

-84ba [5186oc] Haret Ashan and his family and retainers exiled from [nation on eastern continent]


391ba-396 [oc] the first recorded Orc war: marshalling concerted attacks, [eastern nation on southern continent] repulses Orc raiders, tracking them back to their mountain homes, decimating Orc population in region. Orcs would take more than a century before leaving their mountains again.

-396ba [oc] [eastern nation on southern continent] formed when small warring kingdoms unififed by King [X] against growing Orc threat.

-875ba [oc] ‘drow’ return to strike at the dwarves. Few in numbers, ‘drow’ begin tradition of hit-and-run attacks on their age-old enemies.


-humans first encountered by other humanoid races

-elf ‘wars’ (‘drow’ formed from elves that wished to continue the war; headed into mountain; peaceful elves aid dwarves, pushing ‘drow’ further underground; ‘drow’ disappear into ‘the darkness’, believed destroyed)

-dwarf/elf war
-dwarves first seen on surface (dwarves claim they are the first race, see: dwarves)
-elves born in world, dragons already there.
-gods come to world
-world formed
-god wars

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