Bryan Cynbel

Owner/proprietor of the Quartermaster (general store in Lampton)


Size: Medium
Height: 6’ 4"
Weight: 210 lb
Eyes: Dark Brown
Hair: Gray Wavy; Average Beard
Skin: Light

A large man, his appearance is all the more intimidating for the scars of past adventures. He is missing his right hand, which is capped with a steel bracer. In addition, he walks with a slight limp, and has a rough dry cough the gets worse during the warmer months.


Currently the owner/proprietor of the Quartermaster (general store in Lampton), Cynbel wears his service as a badge of honor.

His nephew is Tane Skibon, captain of the town guard. Bryan has always been proud of Tane, and has trained him in combat since he was a boy.

Bryan Cynbel

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