Legends (living or otherwise)

Sir Charles Guy (legendary paladin): first Duke of Knochenflachland.

Dorn Ironspike (born of Clan Grimhelm; legendary ranger):
The sole survivor after his parent’s caravan was attacked by orcs, Dorn was found by a reclusive ranger. Dorn was raised largely in solitude (although he did have limited contact with the elves), and taught to coexist with nature and its creatures. An anachronism as a dwarf, he thrived in the wilds. Because of his exploits and adventures, he became revered as a hero among the elves and all who try to live as one with nature. For the dwarves, he has been elevated to their pantheon. Dwarves pray to him in all matters regarding the surface world.

Enab “the Dog” (legendary rogue):
There was no door that could keep him out. A charming thief, Enab had a reputation as ladies man, and was always seen dressed in finery. He also possessed a rakish wit that endeared him to most, including many of his victims. Earning his reputation in the last days of the Empire, he disappeared with its collapse. Legend says he talked his way into a crown, becoming one of the First Kings.

The Skull:
The one who would become the gravest threat the world would ever know began as a wounded mercenary who, while dying, was visited by a dark spirit. In exchange for healing the mercenary, a pact was sworn. The mercenary would be healed, and taught the blackest of arts. He would be shown the fabric of the universe, and would be granted power, wealth, and lands to rule. In exchange, when the time came, and the mercenary had grown in power, the spirit was promised a body, a vessel to truly enter and interact in the world. Already self serving and cruel, the mercenary truly embraced the darkness that day.

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